Loving Touch Massage & Me Too!      
   Dawn Presley, LMBT #7931

About Us

Loving Touch Massage & Me Too! was started in 2000 with a dream of helping people.  Our goal has a company has always been to be able to make you feel better about yourself.  To help you understand your body and distress from life itself.  I have assisted many woman in fertility massage with success. 
My specialty is Stretching.  I work with professional athletes, weekend warriors, marathoners.  I do what is called a sports massage but not the intense of the workout.  It is much easier on the body and the end effects are great.  You get stretched out during our session while also giving you a relaxation massage.  You can be sore the next day but it should only last about a day or so.  Then you will not be able to explain what the pain felt like to me.  We usually see immediate results with this work.  Most of the work performed is called Repetitive Use Injury Therapy.  I also combine it with Active Isolated Stretching. 
My other work includes:    Relaxation (Swedish Massage with Pressure). 
                                          Fertility Massage!  Need help In receiving your most desire wish.
                             Deep Tissue (going into the layers of the muscles slowly) so we don't upset the tissue fibers
               Myofascial (light work) this is to allow the opening of the tissue.  Used on clients who can not take pressure.
                 Pregnancy (can be done in first trimester) Great for the mom to help with the pregnancy and delivery
                               Infant Massage (learn how to massage your children) yes they are stressed!
             Bellinana Facelift Massage (on the order of a facial but I work with the tissue to help the muscles of the face
                                              Swe-Thai Massage (still learning) a new form of stretching
                                      Repetitive Use Injury Therapy (form of sports massage) Stretching
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