Loving Touch Massage & Me Too!      
   Dawn Presley, LMBT #7931

Common Concerns

What to Expect from your Session:

You can expect to relax and enjoy.  Get to know your body again, relieve tension, soreness.  Feeling good for about a week then wanting another massage.  Change the way you perceive your stress level.  We find where you hold your tension, stress points, concerns of your body.  We talk to customize the session for you and only you.  I follow the medical doctors advice and work with them when needed 

Is Massage Suppose To Hurt?

NO.  It is not suppose to hurt at all.  Massage is about getting to know your body.  If at any point during your session you feel to much pressure or soreness please inform me at the time so we may adjust the pressure.  Each part of the body can handle different pressure so we need to adjust.  It is very important that we adjust when needed on the pressure to ensure you receive the proper bodywork.

How long of a SESSION can I receive?

i offer one hour, hour and half and also two hours. A hour and half is the best deal cause you can have focus on a specific area for the extra time and then enjoy a relaxation session.   

What is the difference between my HOME and your OFFICE?

You get to stay home and relax.  No driving required.  I ask that you keep pets out in the open to let them know you are okay.  Some people like to get out of the house and want a change of place so you can come to me.  I do ask a fee for traveling to you to cover my expenses.  it varies on area and how far I have to drive to you. 


Does Insurance Cover This?

Sorry it does not.  We do havea discounted program, yes you still have to pay but at a cheaper rate if you belong to American Specialty.  If you have a flexible spending account you can get a receipt and get your money from that to cover your massage.  I can accept Auto and Workers Comp only.

What payment do you accept?  I now accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover
Loving Touch Massage & Me Too!
10994 Flyreel Place   Davidson, NC  28036
Located right off of Hwy 73 and Shiloh Church Road
By:  Dawn Presley, LMBT #7931

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