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   Dawn Presley, LMBT #7931


How long and how many times a week is a typical session?

Sessions are usually 60 minutes. We evaluate you at each session.  Each person is different as their needs change so does your needs.  Our goal is to get you to a maintaince session.  Suggested is every 3 weeks which is just a mind game that we play.  We want to keep massage going cause it just helps all over. 

What is a Massage Party and How do I  have one?

The length of time depends on what you would like to do.  I offer either a chair or table.  I ask for a minimum of 6 people for your party.  Your guest can have either a 15 or 30 minute massage.  I charge a $1 a minute.   After the party then you receive a free massage.   Unfortunately, I only accept checks and cash. 

How much are your Fees?

My fees are $50 for a one hour massage.  A hour and half is $75.  If I come to your home I charge $60 plus traveling fee.  This is for a hour session.  For a hour and half in your home it will be $80.  I also offer packages for pre-paid massages.  I also offer couples massages for $110 for a hour each person. 

Do I need to drink water after my session?

Yes, you body needs to clean out all of the toxins that have just been released in your body.  If you do not drink the water after a session you can feel a little ill cause the toxins stay in your body.   You may also be sore.

Can I make a appointment by e-mail? 
I am sorry but you can not.  You must call me directly to set up your time.  I need to talk to you before we meet.  This is very important to me and to you.
Loving Touch Massage & Me Too!
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Dawn Presley, LMBT #7931
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